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Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Modeling


If you need a specialized instrument or just a support for your in house development, Kodai Flow is ready to help.  

Circuit Design and PCB Fabrication

Embedded Software and Firmware Development

Let us take that napkin or used envelope and put it into production.  Whether you just want a set of functional Gerbers or a tested first article,  Kodai Flow can get you off the ground.  Our experience in thermal management and emission control can prevent those nasty surprises at the end of project certification.

Getting an  idea off the white board and into the printed circuit board is not an easy task.  Kodai Flow has the tools and experience to for C, Assembly, Verilog and VHDL coding

With our in-house gravimetric calibration loops as well as complex model manufacturing, Kodai Flow can assist you with the difficult flow and process problems.  We can work with your CFD teams to optimize models and provide point confirmation