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Total Washdown Transducers for Extreme Fluids

DIN32 Ultrasonic Driver/ Transmitter

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Chemical Feed Flow Cell


The Chemical Feed sensor package is a rotameter-like flow cell with integral transducers.  With SUS or CPVC construction, the meter is priced to be a competitive replacement to manual site glass meters but with a precision not found in meters of this price range.  The cell has a quad port design for simple integration an the ability to manifold the dispensing system.

The Total Wash Down transducer frame is a set of fixed spacing transducers with a clamping system to mount the on the outside of existing tubing.  This eliminates any chance of leaks or contamination.  Available in sizes from 6.4mm  to 25.4mm tube(OD) . The transducers are metal free and corrosion resistant.  Contact us for current specification.

The DIN32 Diver/Transmitter is a 2 channel, NEMA 1 style electronics.  Designed to be mounted in the electronics compartment of tool or skid and interrogate the transducers mounted in a more aggressive environment.  Contact us for current specification